SportStrong LED Fixture

The SportStrong fixture was designed specifically for use in athletic facilities.  It is a highly durable, direct fixture that was made to withstand the abuse of balls and hockey pucks. 

It offers incredible light levels, making it an ideal replacement of metal halide and multi-lamp fluorescent lighting systems. 

Our high performance energy efficient LED lighting system delivers a superior return on investment with paybacks as low as 6 months.  Installing this fixture is a wise investment for your facility.

Why LED?

  • Unprecedented energy savings
  • Reduce maintenance time and costs
  • Increase light levels and uniform light distribution
  • Utilize energy rebate savings to increase overall facility profitability

What makes the SportStrong fixture different from other LED fixtures?

  • This is NOT an off the shelf fixture that is not intended for a sports application
  • This fixture was designed specifically for athletic facilities
  • Large surface area to minimize glare
  • Does not interfere with the playing experience the facility offers
  • Sleek look that is architecturally appealing
  • Several mounting applications to make installation time and cost efficient
  • Hook, cord, twist, lock, plug for facility manager option to install the SportStrong fixture on their own