Tom VanDixhorn stopped by the rink one day and we started talking. The cost of the SportStrong fixture was dramatically less than other LED fixtures I had looked at. I could see how the SportStrong fixture was made and how durable it was. I felt really good about it and decided to pull the trigger.

We needed to demonstrate to the board that the lighting was going to be even. There was a competing fixture we hung on one side of our rink and we hung Tom’s fixture on the other side of the rink. We took light readings and the SportStrong fixture light readings were far superior. The color was also better on the rink.

The installation was so quick and easy. I have gotten so many compliments. Right after the new fixtures were installed, people commented on it immediately. How uniform the lighting is, how bright it is, how much better and more vivid the color are. I just can’t say enough about how great it has been to have these lights.
— David Patten, General Manager | McFarland Ice Rink, Madison WI
Tom and his team made a very big project seem like a small one. We are now saving money and have a new hip light fixture that put out way more light! I just wish I had it done this a long time ago!
— Jason Evers, General Manager | East Lake Athletic Club, Elkhart IN
SportStrong Lighting proved that a sports specific fixture was far superior to an off the shelf LED fixture we had installed just one year earlier. The new SportStrong fixture gave far superior lighting characteristics for our gym and fitness area. I don’t have to worry about balls hitting the fixture or them being damaged in the gym. There is no question that the strength and durability of the SportStrong fixture far exceeds other LED fixtures out there. 
— Andy Sieberer, General Manager | Four Lakes Athletic Club, Elkhorn WI
The energy savings have been incredible. We did a lot of research and learned that you can greatly reduce your heat load from metal halide or fluorescent fixtures, so the energy savings has also affected our HVAC costs. With the SportStrong fixures, I took some Infrared Temperature readings and currently we are running at 43 degrees right on the fixture compared to about 380 degrees from the metal halides. It is a dramatic reduction in the heat load that the refrigeration plant has to deal with.
— David Patten, General Manager | McFarland Ice Rink, Madison WI